Who Holds the Record For Freediving?

Who holds the record for freediving

Several freedivers hold multiple world records. The records are constantly changing. The official diving body has concerns about new world record attempts.

One of the most famous freedivers is Elena Molchanova. She was a competitive swimmer in her youth. At age 40, she read a magazine article about freediving. After her divorce, she began to take up diving. She became the first woman to free dive deeper than her male rivals. She also set two Russian national records for depth.

Another famous freediver is Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras. He set his first world record when he was 27. He later started spearfishing. His nickname changed to Ferreras. He later became famous for his achievements in altitude.

Two freedivers have died while trying to dive deeper. During a recreational dive, Natalia Molchanova disappeared. Her friends were not able to find her. The Coast Guard sent out a rescue team. They eventually sent out robot submersibles.

Another famous freediver is Tanya Streeter. She is a British-Caymanian-American athlete. Her record is the world’s longest women’s No Limits dive. She reached 160 meters on 17 August 2002.

Tanya Streeter also holds the women’s no-limits diving record. She is a public speaker, environmentalist, and TV host. Her record lasted more than two months. She reached 160 meters in blue water of Club Med Turkoise, Providenciales. She swam for 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

The next freediver to break the record was Carlos Coste. He swam 101 meters in October 2003.