What Thickness Wetsuit Do I Need For Freediving?

What thickness wetsuit do I need for freediving

Choosing the right thickness wetsuit is a crucial piece of freediving equipment. The suit will help keep you warm and protected against cuts, stings, and coral scrapes. It can also help you glide through the water. Depending on the temperature of the water, you might need a different thickness of suit.

The thickness of a wetsuit is determined by the temperature of the water and the depth of the dive. The most common thickness is 3mm for warm water dives, and 5mm for cold water dives. In colder waters, a thicker suit will offer more warmth.

Wetsuits with linings on the inside are often made of neoprene, nylon, or lycra. These linings help maximize thermal insulation and keep the water from flowing against the inside of the wetsuit. They are also more durable than wetsuits without linings.

Wetsuits with no lining can also be made of neoprene, lycra, or nylon. Having a lining on the inside of a wetsuit makes it easier to pull on and off. However, the inside is also susceptible to tears and scratches.

In addition, the lining of a wetsuit will stretch and shrink over time. If the suit is too loose, the water will get into the suit. It can also allow the water to circulate and remove the insulation from the suit.

You may also consider a wetsuit with a Rash Guard. This will help prevent abrasions from aquatic life. It is also a good idea to use a right hand quick release waist belt.