What is the kite surfing capital of the world?

The kite surfing capital of the world is tightly contested with several contenders vying for the crown, depending on your preferences. Each spot offers its own unique advantages and appeals to different types of riders, so it all depends on what you are looking for when it comes to finding the perfect place for your worth-while kite surfing adventure.

The east coast of Brazil is often referred to as some of the best locations for kite surfing in the world. The massive waves, consistent winds, and sweltering temperatures make this area an ideal paradise for any rider looking to get their fix. The wave spots along Ceara and Parnaiba beaches boast dangerous yet plentiful wave breaks that will provide challenge and an adrenaline rush for even the most advanced kitesurfers.

Hawaii is another great destination for those wanting to explore more spectacular destinations abroad. The sandy beaches here provide some incredible conditions which combine both warm waters and steady trade winds making it a great choice when choosing where to get your feet wet with kite boarding. In particular, Maui’s Hookipa Beach provides some stunning views while offering challenging wave breaks that make this spot a winner among surfers around the globe.

Europe has many spots up its sleeve as well – particularly France’s Brittany Coast which provides riders with an eclectic mix of flatwater lagoons and green rolling hillsides combined with high winds that make navigating the area a breeze!

Further south – nations such as Morocco have long been famous among tourists eager to experience dreamy desert landscapes combined with mind-blowing waves: making them popular choices for those looking to master new techniques or take freestyle lessons from pros.

While each country/region may try claiming itself as ‘the Kite Surfing Capital of the World’ there is no clear winner due to varying conditions across both continents and even within individual countries. If you want to find out what suits you best, personal experience could be the key.