What is surfing with a kite called?

Surfing with a kite is an exciting and growing extreme sport that has taken the world by storm. The activity, popularly known as ‘Kite Surfing‘, combines elements of surfing, windsurfing and paragliding all in one!

Kitesurfing is unique because it requires the rider to use a large controllable kite to generate enough power to propel them across the surface of the water. The rider controls the direction, speed and intensity of their journey by utilizing bar-in-hand steering and shifting their bodyweight from side-to-side – which ultimately leads to an incredibly exhilarating experience.

To begin with – Kitesurfers will need to find an area where strong consistent wind exists for at least 20 minutes straight. This could be anywhere from beaches, lagoons, lakes or even rivers – though more traditional spots such as waves or lagoon sides tend to attract higher numbers of kiters due to their favourable weather conditions.

Once this spot has been identified then taking lessons from experienced professionals (often at a local kite school) becomes essential for proper instruction on how to use your gear safely and efficiently.

Unlike some other board sports out there, kitesurfing requires its riders to make use of multiple pieces of equipment – beginning with a kite itself which can come in many shapes/sizes depending on what type of session you’re looking for (bigger = more power).

These are then connected via lines onto a waist harness – which feels like wearing a seatbelt attached directly around your body – allowing riders freedom while providing support against sudden gusts of wind or wave heights. Finally boards chosen vary depending on what level rider you are (beginner/intermediate/professional) – these range from small twin tips perfect for cruising along flat water surfaces through to carbon fibre raceboards designed for high speeds and big jumps.

To sum up – when it comes down too it Kitesurfing is an incredible experience available for people of all ages/skill sets.

Equipped with specialised equipment, knowledge learnt from professional instructors and safety protocols – kiting has become safer than ever before leading more people into this electrifying sport every day.