What does a CompTIA do?

A CompTIA, or the Computing Technology Industry Association, is a non-profit trade association that offers various certifications and training programs in the field of information technology. These certifications are globally recognized and validate the skills and knowledge of IT professionals.


CompTIA provides a wide range of certifications that cover different areas of IT, including networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, and more. These certifications are designed to demonstrate proficiency in specific technologies and help individuals enhance their career prospects. Some popular CompTIA certifications include A+, Network+, Security+, and Cloud+.

Training and Education

In addition to certifications, CompTIA offers training and educational resources to help individuals prepare for their exams and stay updated with the latest industry trends. They provide study materials, practice tests, online courses, and instructor-led training programs. These resources enable IT professionals to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving IT industry.

Industry Advocacy

CompTIA also serves as an advocate for the IT industry, working to advance policies and initiatives that promote innovation, growth, and a skilled workforce. They collaborate with government agencies, industry leaders, and educational institutions to address industry challenges, develop best practices, and support the IT community as a whole.