The World Record For Freediving Time

Among the world’s best free divers are Alexey Molchanov and Tanya Streeter. These two freedivers hold a total of 24 world records. They are the best all-around freedivers in the world. Their records are based on a number of different events.

Alexey Molchanov holds the world record for Constant Weight. He was born in Matanzas, Cuba, and learned about freediving from Italians who visited Cuba. He later became a spearfisher. He has been the world’s top free diver for the last four years. His mother was a freediver, and her 41 world records have been set in her lifetime.

Alexey Molchanov’s mother won 23 world championship titles. She also holds the record for the longest time a woman has been freediving. Alexey’s mother discovered the sport after her divorce at age 39.

Loic Leferme started swimming in his father’s pool when he was twelve years old. He was introduced to freediving by Olivier Heuleu. He went on to enter Nice University and started freediving. He improved his first record to 162 meters, and then 171 meters in 2004. He beat his record twice, bringing the total to 214 meters.

In April 2010, Nitsch set three world records. He broke the No-Limits record and the Constant Weight record. In September of that year, he recorded 100 meters. He also set two Free Immersion records, 114 m and 120 m. The records were ratified by the Guinness World Records organization.

Nitsch also holds a No-Limits record for holding his breath for nine minutes. He has been called “the deepest man on earth”. He scuba dived to 214 meters, but suffered severe decompression sickness. He suffered multiple brain strokes during the dive and was temporarily asleep during the ascent. He woke up prior to reaching the surface.