Snorkeling in Key Largo

key largo snorkeling

Whether you’re interested in diving, snorkeling, or just spending a day by the sea, Key Largo is a great place to experience a different kind of ocean life. You’ll be able to see sea turtles, sharks, barracudas, and even juvenile critters while snorkeling in the Florida Keys.

The best time of year to snorkel in Key Largo is in the spring and summer, when the climate is warm and clear. You’ll be able to find a variety of different coral formations, as well as sea life that will make your snorkeling trip memorable.

Some of the most popular snorkeling spots in Key Largo are located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The reefs here are home to brightly colored tropical fish, blueheads, and rays. They’re also shallow enough for beginners to enjoy. The reefs range from ten to fifteen feet deep, and you can choose between dry reefs or reefs that stick out of the water at low tide.

For more adventurous snorkelers, you can visit Grecian Rocks. This reef is home to brightly colored tropical fish, as well as brain coral and rays. While this reef is not the healthiest, it is still a great place to snorkel for beginners and experienced snorkelers. The visibility is poor, however, when the weather is windy.

Another popular Key Largo snorkeling spot is the Dry Rocks reef. This snorkeling spot is known for its incredible shipwrecks. There’s a 752 ton steamer from the Civil War that’s found here, as well as two other sunken ships. You’ll also be able to see a statue of Christ at this snorkeling spot. The statue is nine feet tall and is a replica of the famous Christo Delgi Abissi.

If you’re interested in snorkeling, you can also explore Spanish shipwrecks from the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The park also offers a beginner’s snorkeling tour. These trips are often busy and can get busy in the summer. If you don’t want to be rushed, it may be better to go on a private snorkeling charter. These charters are usually smaller, and you’ll be able to go to the snorkeling spots you want to visit.

Some other snorkeling spots in Key Largo include the spur and groove patch reef, which is home to sea rods, sea rods, and brain coral. The sand channel around the Christ statue is home to a variety of marine life, including sting rays, barracudas, and sharks.

For those who are interested in snorkeling, there are several companies that offer trips to the various reefs. Some of these companies, like Caribbean Watersports, offer group snorkeling trips while others offer private snorkeling charters. Both companies will take you to the same locations, but you will be able to choose the reefs you want to visit. The companies will also provide snorkeling equipment for rent.

You can also opt for a glass-bottom boat tour. The waters here are clear, making it a perfect place to photograph underwater. However, you’ll need to wear a wetsuit for this snorkeling trip.