Is the Cressi Leonardo Good For Freediving?

Is cressi Leonardo good for freediving

Whether you’re a new diver or a seasoned veteran, the Cressi Leonardo dive computer is a good choice. It is simple to use and has many safety features. The user interface is easy to navigate and has clear lines. The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is designed with safety in mind and has a maximum operating depth of 120 meters.

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer has three conservatism settings that allow divers to choose a conservative level that is suitable for them. These settings are based on safe decompression calculations. The Cressi Leonardo algorithm calculates the safe decompression limits, based on the diver’s current depth and the amount of inert gases in their lungs. The algorithm can be reset after each dive.

The Cressi Leonardo has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The screen displays the current depth, the dive time, and on-screen warnings. The screen also displays the user’s conservatism setting.

There are three types of conservatism settings: SF0, SF1, and SF2. SF0 is the most conservative setting and is the default setting. This setting is used when a diver does not use a buddy’s dive computer. If a diver uses a buddy’s computer, their conservatism setting will be reset to the same setting.

The Cressi Leonardo is an excellent choice for beginners, but it may be too conservative for advanced divers. The algorithm is conservative for repetitive dives, and errs on the conservative side for multi-day dives.

The Cressi Leonardo computer comes in a variety of colors. It has an easy-to-read screen, and a one-button interface. The battery is user-replaceable. The battery life is predicted to last for up to three years.