Is Scuba Diving Good in the Bahamas?

Is scuba diving good in the Bahamas

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver, there are plenty of diving options in the Bahamas. From Shark dives, to reefs, to blue holes, the Bahamas offer something for every level of diver.

The best dive sites in the Bahamas are located on islands. You can take a day boat from Nassau to visit these incredible sites. There are also liveaboards that depart from the mainland.

The Berry Islands are a chain of thirty tiny cays 35 miles north of Nassau. These islands are home to pilot whales and marlin. They also have strong conservation programs that protect their environment.

The Abaco Islands are located just east of Grand Bahama and are known for their barrier reefs. You can explore a world of colourful reef fish and sharks. They have reef ecosystems not found elsewhere.

New Providence Island has hundreds of reefs and is packed with life. It is home to a blue hole and a wall, as well as historic wrecks. You can also take a shark dive around New Providence.

Andros Island is home to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs. This reef plunges 1,800m (5,906ft) to a narrow drop-off. This allows you to explore the deepest parts of the reef. The depths are 60 feet (18m) in some areas.

The Berry Islands are also home to a number of wrecks. Four ships have been sunk near Harbour Island and Eleuthera. The wrecks are less than 12m deep.