Is kite surfing harder than surfing?

Kite surfing has become a popular extreme sport around the world, but is it actually harder than traditional surfing? The simple answer is yes – kite surfing requires more skill, practice, and knowledge to get the hang of, with some brave individuals even attempting to attempt jumps and tricks from higher altitudes.

Kite surfing involves using a large kite to harness the wind and propel you forward on your surfboard. Contrast this with traditional surfing which relies solely on gravity and wave movement for propulsion. It’s easy to see how kite surfing requires more physical and mental strength – riders need not only the agility to steer their boards through the air at speed, but also have to be constantly mindful of adjusting their sails in order to maneuver effectively.

For most people learning either activity, mastering basic control will take time – however in comparison kite-surfing demands greater coordination as your hands must control both the sail and surfboard. It can be very tricky when first starting out as you need ample space for launching, controlling and landing the kite safely – all while trying not to lose its power source.

Also keep in mind that besides offering different thrills than regular wave riding due its high speeds, there is also an increased risk factor involved when attempting stunts with a huge kite overhead.

The sport of kitesurfing also requires specific conditions like wind speed, location/terrain type (flat water or waves) etc., before being able to perform manoeuvres or ride for extended periods without becoming fatigued. In comparison, traditional surfers don’t face such restrictions – they simply wait for a large enough swell or tide so they can ride until their arms give out or until nightfall.

Kitesurfers however need consistent winds of 15mph or more in order to stay afloat – which isn’t always easy given unpredictable weather patterns throughout many countries.

To sum up – while both activities are sure-fire ways to enjoy nature and catch some incredible waves/airtime along the way – ultimately it’s fair say that overall learning how to kitesurf is significantly harder than regular surfing due its intricate technical skills required such as controlling both board and sail simultaneously.

Therefore if you’re just starting out we suggest choosing whichever one appeals most based on your preferences rather than taking on both at once.