Is Grand Cayman Good For Scuba Diving?

Is Grand Cayman good for scuba diving

Located in the western Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Islands offer a diverse scuba diving experience. You can find coral reefs, deep certifications, wall dives, nurse sharks, turtles, and more. The clear warm water and the variety of marine life make Cayman an underwater experience that will last a lifetime.

Located on the northwestern coast of Grand Cayman, Stingray City is a popular dive site. Divers can watch dozens of friendly Southern Stingrays gather in anticipation of an easy meal. They can also spot angelfish, lettuce slug nudibranchs, and other interesting sea life.

The North Wall offers wall diving and snorkeling opportunities. This huge vertical drop off on the north coast of the island plunges over 1800 feet/6000 feet. The North Wall also offers opportunities to see sea turtles.

The North Wall is home to more than fifteen dive sites. Many of these sites are suitable for all levels of diving. Divers can also take a tour along the rails.

The island is also home to the world famous dive site, the USS Kittiwake. This Soviet-built frigate was once property of the Cuban navy. The ship was then sunk as an artificial reef.

The USS Kittiwake is in excellent condition. Divers can go to various levels of the wreck to investigate its many features.

Other sites include the Devils Grotto, which is located outside of George Town. This pristine reef dive is home to colorful coral and sponges. It has a maximum depth of 45 feet and is teeming with marine life.