Is Freediving Harder Than Scuba?

Is freediving harder than scuba

Whether you’re a seasoned scuba diver or a novice to the sport, you probably wonder, is freediving harder than scuba? Both are great adventures, but freediving requires more skills and training.

Scuba divers tend to stay at the same depth for most of their dives, while freedivers can get as far down as they want. Freedivers also have the advantage of being able to follow creatures underwater. They can also take photos of large animals.

Freediving is much more fun than scuba diving because it allows you to explore the underwater world with just one breath. But freediving is also more physically challenging. You’ll need to work on your technique and relaxation to ensure that you’re ready for your next dive.

Freediving is a great way to learn how to take in oxygen underwater. However, the most important part of learning how to freedive is the technique itself. You can learn this by reading a book, watching videos, or talking to other freedivers.

Freedivers will also need to learn how to equalize their lungs. This means that the amount of air they take in will remain the same, while the quality of the air will decrease as they move. Some freedivers will try to breathe less, but this isn’t a good way to preserve air.

Freediving and scuba diving are both fun activities, but you should make sure that you have a plan in place in case you run out of air.