Is CompTIA harder than CCNA?

Yes, CompTIA is generally considered to be harder than CCNA.

Exam Difficulty

CompTIA exams, such as the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+, cover a broader range of topics and require a deeper understanding of concepts. These exams often have more questions and are known for their scenario-based questions that test practical knowledge. On the other hand, CCNA exams focus specifically on networking concepts and technologies, making them more focused and easier to prepare for.


CCNA has no formal prerequisites, while CompTIA certifications often require candidates to have prior experience or knowledge in the field. For example, CompTIA Security+ recommends having at least two years of experience in IT administration with a focus on security. This additional requirement makes CompTIA certifications more challenging for those without prior experience.

Industry Recognition

CCNA is highly recognized and respected in the networking industry, and many employers specifically look for candidates with CCNA certification. While CompTIA certifications are also valuable, they may not hold the same level of recognition and specialization as CCNA. This higher industry recognition of CCNA makes it more competitive and sought after, which can contribute to the perception that it is easier compared to CompTIA.