How to Choose: A Snorkel Set for Kids

Choosing a kids snorkel set: Contents

When you’re shopping for a snorkel set, especially one for kids, there are some factors that you should pay attention to, and these are as follows:

Quality of Components

- Mask

It’s very important to make sure that the components of your kids snorkel set are made of high-quality materials that would withstand this demanding activity. That’s why the mask should come with tempered glass lenses and a wide range of vision. In other words, make sure the mask comes with angled glass to provide your little one with a panoramic view and clear peripheral vision.

Additionally, you should look for a strap that’s easily adjustable and wide enough for your child’s head to be comfortable. The skirts of the straps should be made of silicone or a high-quality material that offers a reliable combination of sealing and comfort.

- Fins

Your little one would love the kind of movement they can get with fins, which is why you should get them something that makes them confident while swimming. The fins should be easy to put on or take off as well as easily adjustable.

The best way to achieve that is by getting fins with a ratcheting system, which enables them to make accurate adjustments, even with their relatively smaller hands.

Also, try your best to find the ideal balance between flexibility and firmness, which is highly subjective to your kid. You can gauge that balance by considering how well your little one can swim as well as how old they are.

Younger kids would need more flexibility than rigidity, while the latter would help older kids with more experience to make progress with their snorkeling skills.

- Snorkel

Last, but most importantly, is the functionality, material, and fit of the snorkel. First, make sure to get one with a splash guard to prevent any water from entering your kid’s snorkel when their kicks spray water in the air.

Further, a dry valve would be an excellent addition as it allows air in with inhalation but locks below water. It works by floating under the water, consequently blocking the air tube and preventing your little one from accidentally breathing in the water.

Moreover, a purge valve is also a good way to ensure safety during snorkeling as it works on kicking water out of the snorkel. Finally, make sure you get a snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece to maximize the fun your child gets out of the experience and prevent any strain on their mouths.

Gear Bag

Having a gear bag where they can keep their belongings would give your little one the full snorkeling experience and make it more enjoyable for them, as well as train them to be responsible for their gear and equipment.

If the bag isn’t made of mesh, make sure it comes with a drain valve or a method through which you can get rid of any water that infiltrates it.


The warranty you get with your snorkel set is really important, especially if you’re opting for a relatively pricey and high-quality set. Don’t go for anything less than a year’s warranty, but it’s even better if you can find one with a 2-year warranty.

It’s also preferable to get a set with a generous return policy would be better, just in case your kid doesn’t enjoy snorkeling as much as you thought they would.

In Summary

Choosing anything for kids can be difficult and a snorkel set is no exception. However our guide should put your mind at ease and help you choose a set that has high quality components, a handy gear bag and a warranty just in case. Now go and enjoy that family snorkel holiday!