How Much Weight Should I Use For Freediving?

How much weight should I use for freediving

Choosing the right weight for freediving can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, such as the location, suit, and salinity of the water. The ideal weight should keep you floating at eye level while in the water, without having to exert too much effort. Using too much weight can cause you to sink and may even be dangerous.

To determine the right weight for freediving, divers must first check their buoyancy before diving. If the diver has been diving for a long time, he may have gained muscle mass, which would require less weight.

Whether or not you need to use weight depends on your body type and the thickness of your wetsuit. You can use 5% of your body weight when freediving in a three-mm wetsuit, and 10% in a five-mm suit. The thickness of your wetsuit is multiplied by two kilograms for lean people, and by four kilograms for fat people.

You can use a weight belt or a neck weight to adjust your buoyancy. Some divers prefer to wear a neck weight as it keeps them in a streamlined position while floating. Others prefer to use a weight belt. Weight belts make it easier to manipulate your buoyancy and trim your suit.

If you are unsure about how much weight you should use, you can always consult a dive master or instructor. They are more likely to give you a wrong answer, though. They might also give you a default answer.