How do you travel with Inflatable SUP?

Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are a great way to explore the great outdoors and can provide hours of fun on any body of water. But what if you want to take your SUP with you on the go? In that case, inflatable stand-up paddleboards are the perfect solution for hassle-free traveling. Here’s how to make sure your board is ready for any voyage:

First off, check the condition of your board before packing it up – look for any signs of wear & tear that could weaken its construction during journeys ahead. Also, make sure all necessary supplies are in place – pumps, repair kits and clean towels should be within easy reach just in case something doesn’t go as planned. Afterward consider purchasing basics such as waterproof bags or dry bags which help keep all components safe while on board.

When it comes to storage and transport, inflatable SUPs offer several advantages over their traditional counterparts. Since they are smaller when deflated they can fit into tighter spaces than solid boards – perfect for cramped vehicle interiors or tight airline cabins. Additionally, they are much lighter and easier to maneuver since no heavy lifting is involved – so don’t be afraid to explore otherwise inaccessible locations like mountaintops or rivers far beyond reach.

Speaking of carrying around an inflatable SUP – always remember that two people should never attempt lifting one at once! That’s because even when fully deflated these boards can weigh upwards of 30 lbs (13kg), putting strain on one’s back if lifted incorrectly. Instead utilize individual pieces whenever possible or invest in a convenient backpack specifically designed for this exact purpose; this way you won’t have to worry about any potential injury down the road.

Finally when out adventuring there may be situations where inflation/deflation becomes necessary; fortunately this process is quite simple depending on type of pump being used.

Electric models are usually quick & intuitive while manual versions require more effort but still remain manageable at end of day – just remember never leave pump running unattended as that could cause some unwanted surprises upon return trips home.

In conclusion, traveling with inflatable stand-up paddleboards doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper equipment selection and technique development – you’ll soon find yourself ready for whatever adventure awaits beyond our shores.

Just remember: Check conditions beforehand, pack essentials alongside board, handle with care at all times and have fun knowing everything has been well prepared beforehand – only then will you truly enjoy pure aquatic freedom regardless where journey leads next.