How do you make a kayak fishing crate?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, a kayak fishing crate is one of the most useful accessories you can have for your boat. Not only does it provide convenient storage for all your equipment, but it also acts as a reliable platform to mount other items, such as fish finders or rod holders. Let’s take a look at how you can make a kayak fishing crate.

Before you begin constructing the crate, you will need to gather some materials: cardboard sheeting, duct tape, and two 2×4 wooden boards. Once you have these tools on hand, you can begin crafting the body of the crate – start by tracing out the desired shape of the box onto the cardboard sheeting and then use scissors or a utility knife to cut it out. Pick four sides that line up well and secure them together with duct tape. Finally, attach each end of the sides with wood screws so they stay in place while paddling.

The next step is adding support struts; these will help ensure that the box remains sturdy and secure while out on the water. Use pieces of scrap wood (or recycled ones!) to form rectangular frames that fit snugly within each corner of your box frame. Secure each frame with wood screws and small nails until they are firmly held in place.

You might want to consider mounting an extra handle or two onto either side of your kayak fishing crate for improved portability – start by drilling holes into each side using an electric drill and appropriate drill bit size for your screws before inserting them in place. To make carrying easier when alone or in tight spaces, be sure to use wide handles that are easy to grip onto.

Finally, you can now move onto lining up your accessory boxes (such as tackle boxes) inside the kayak fishing crate – affix any additional fittings where needed and make sure everything is secured tightly into place before use. If desired – add extra foam insulation underneath lids keep items safe during transport.

And then you’re ready to hit the water with your kayak fishing crate.