How Do I Get in Shape For Freediving?

Getting in shape for freediving requires a little bit of hard work. It also requires a lot of rest and recovery. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can achieve these goals.

First, you can improve your general fitness. Performing cardio exercises can help you burn calories and build up your endurance. Adding a bit of yoga into your routine can also help increase flexibility. Yoga can also help improve your breathing, which is one of the most important aspects of freediving.

Another way to improve your fitness is by doing cardio exercises while breath-holding. This is known as dry walking. You will need to do four to eight steps while breathing in and then out. Doing this exercise for ten minutes will give you a good workout.

Freediving also helps you improve your flexibility. The more flexible your muscles are, the better they will be able to move through the water. You will also have less chance of cramping or injury from tight muscles. You can do this by stretching regularly. You should start by doing the stretching exercises on an empty stomach. Then you can perform the stretching exercises as often as you want.

To improve your flexibility, try performing exercises such as Turkish get-ups. These exercises work nearly every major muscle group, improving coordination and mobility. You should also do deadlifts. These exercises strengthen your hamstrings and lower back. They can also help you increase your overall strength.