Best Scuba Diving in the Caribbean

No scuba diver should miss out on the Caribbean. Every island postcard is an imitation of what it has. From white sand beaches to diverse marine life, these islands are calling for you. So, if you’re interested in knowing our picks for the best scuba diving in the Caribbean, continue reading. 1. Bonaire Some people […]

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Costa Rica or “Rich Coast” is a country that’s earned its name. This tropical paradise lies between the Pacific Ocean and the southern Caribbean Sea, so try to imagine how diverse its underwater locations are. There’s so much to do. You can snorkel with sharks or take underwater pictures of lively corals that everyone on […]

Scuba Diving in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with a tropical climate and a lot of underwater diversity, making it an ideal tourist attraction and a diver magnet. But what are the places to go for the best scuba diving in Thailand? Continue reading to know everything. 1. Koh Tao Traveling abroad, taking diving courses, buying gear, and […]

Best Scuba Diving in the World

What’s a better way to spend your next vacation than to scuba dive? From encountering exotic species to seeing the most chilling wreckage, scuba diving is the key to experiencing the mysterious depths of the underwater world like you’ve never done before. However, you probably don’t want to waste your time looking up places that […]

Scuba Diving in Florida

Florida, a.k.a the Sunshine State, has about 1350 miles of coastline, so you better believe it has tons of diving opportunities for divers of every level. So, consider these picks for the best scuba diving in Florida, and you won’t regret it. 1. Key Largo Wreck diving combines two of the most fascinating things in […]

Dive Resorts in Belize

There are so many reasons to go scuba diving in Belize; home to over 450 offshore Cays that are abundant in dive locations, you can encounter creatures that you’ve never seen before, see all colors of corals, revisit history through underwater wreckage, and more. The best way to get to your favorite locations is by […]

Snorkeling in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of more than 17000 islands and has 20% of the world’s coral reefs. With so much to offer for snorkelers, here are the best locations for snorkeling in Indonesia. The 4 Best Snorkeling Locations in Indonesia 1. Raja Ampat Do you know how in some movies there are some islands that look too […]

Best Beach Snorkeling in the Caribbean

One of the most popular activities in the Caribbean is snorkeling, and you can pretty much go snorkeling on any of its beaches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. You want to pick those must-see snorkel spots with stunning beaches, warm crystal-clear water, exotic fish, and colorful reefs.  Even more, you want easily accessible, […]

Snorkeling in Aruba

Aruba is perhaps the Caribbean island to go snorkeling at. The many reefs close to the shore of its coastline make it possible to snorkel in shallow water, explaining its vast popularity as a snorkeling destination. After all, how can you resist the clear-blue water, perfect weather, mind-blowing sea life, whether that’s beautiful reefs, colorful […]

Snorkeling in Cozumel

With its turquoise water and glorious white-sand beaches, Cozumel is the best place to relax, catch a tan, and enjoy the warm weather. However, that’s not all!  If your plan for your next vacation includes swimming next to towering coral reefs and clouds of tropical fish, you’ve landed in the right place. Just below the […]