Can You Teach Yourself Freediving?

Can you teach yourself freediving

Those of you who are into freediving might be wondering if you can actually teach yourself how to freedive. As with any new skill, you’ll need to make sure you have proper instruction.

The freediving industry is growing by the minute, and there are many freediving schools and instructors in different locations. However, it’s not always easy to pick the best one. You need to ask questions to ensure you’re getting the best price and the best chance to learn.

Most freediving courses are advertised as three days long, but you may be surprised to find out that many of these courses are just over two hours of classroom time and two to three hours of open water time.

If you’re interested in taking a course, look for an instructor who is available in person, and who provides feedback and assistance. The internet is also a great resource for learning about freediving, but it’s not going to offer you a human coach to answer your questions.

The best freediving school will also provide you with the appropriate equipment for your needs. Equipment includes a mask, snorkel, fins, and weight belt. You’ll also need a buoy and a buddy.

Some instructors offer a more elaborate course, which includes two or three days of classroom lessons, plus two or three days of open water training. This is a good idea if you plan on taking your freediving to the next level. The best instructors will also make you feel at ease, and offer you a chance to practice the skills you’ve learned under the watchful eye of a trained instructor.