Can you add fins to Inflatable SUP?

Adding fins to an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) can drastically improve its performance while out on the water. If done correctly this simple yet often overlooked modification can help reduce drag and increase speed in no time at all.

Here’s how to get your board prepped for fins with minimal effort:

  • First off, figure out if your SUP already has pre-drilled fin boxes – not all inflatable boards come with them but those that do make it much easier to install aftermarket fins if desired. If not then you will need to make some careful measurements during setup phase; this includes determining width & thickness of fin base along with overall size of box itself.
  • Once those are taken care of – head off to a local shop or online shop to purchase compatible parts.
  • Next up is actually mounting fins onto board; here’s where having pre-drilled holes comes in handy as they provide some added stability when attaching hardware. However, without them you may need to find alternative methods such as using zip ties or epoxy glue depending on material type being used. For example, plastic paddles can usually handle zip ties while hardwood varieties often require more permanent solutions like epoxy resin.
  • Afterward it’s time to fine tune placement & angles so that both nose & tail remain balanced throughout ride – this step is extremely important since too much weight on one side could cause instability or wobbling during longer voyages.
  • Finally double check everything once again before hitting surf just in case any loose screws were missed during process – nothing worse than having pieces fly off as soon as waves appear ahead.

In conclusion, adding fins to an inflatable SUP doesn’t have to be difficult task – just follow these helpful tips & tricks and you’ll soon be ready for whatever aquatic adventures await beyond our shores.

So gather all necessary equipment beforehand, properly measure out fin placement beforehand and enjoy smoother rides knowing full well your board has been optimized accordingly.