Can I add D rings to inflatable SUP?

The advantage of using an inflatable stand-up paddle board (SUP) is that they are incredibly lightweight, durable and versatile – making them ideal for those who want to explore the waters without the bulk or expense of a solid SUP. But what if you want to customise your inflatable SUP and add some useful features? Can you add D rings to an inflatable SUP? The answer is yes, you can add D rings to your inflatable board.

The great thing about D rings (also known as tie-down points or attachment points) is that they allow you to attach accessories such as gear bags and coolers so you can take all your essentials with you on the water. You can also attach other objects such as fishing rods and nets, making it easier to access whatever you need when out exploring.

Unless specified otherwise, most modern inflatables are built with reinforced fabric backing which makes them incredibly tough and durable. This means they’re more than capable of handling the addition of D rings without compromising their integrity – however it’s always best to check with either the manufacturer or a qualified technician before adding any extra components just in case.

If your board doesn’t come with tie-down points pre-installed then there are various different ways of adding them yourself. Perhaps the simplest way is by using self adhesive eyelets which can be found online or at specific retailers. These come in a variety of sizes so they should fit perfectly onto your board, allowing you to easily secure items in place while out paddling around. Alternatively you could use epoxy glue for a secure hold – just apply a small amount around each eyelet before pressing firmly into place for a strong bond that won’t let go on even choppy waves. Also remember to make sure each eyelet is set correctly by allowing enough time for it to cure fully before use.

Whatever method you choose, adding D rings is an easy way to customise your inflatable SUP so that it meets all your needs on the water.