Best Snorkeling in Indonesia

Indonesia consists of more than 17000 islands and has 20% of the world’s coral reefs. With so much to offer for snorkelers, here are the best locations for snorkeling in Indonesia.

The 4 Best Snorkeling Locations in Indonesia

1. Raja Ampat

Do you know how in some movies there are some islands that look too good to be true? If you saw the earthly paradise that is Raja Ampat, you’d think there’s some CGI involved.

Raja Ampat, or the Crown Jewel of the Bird’s Head Seascape, is an archipelago in the Coral Triangle and consists of 1500 small tropical islands, cays, and shoals, covering 17297377 acres. The islands have 1508 fish species and 537 coral species, including 75% of the world’s hard corals, making Raja Ampat the most diverse marine habitat in the world.

If you’re looking for a remote haven where you forget your modern worries into the turquoise blue waters and the vegetation-covered limestone rocks, there’s no better place than the Raja Ampat.

2. Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park, founded in 1980, includes three large islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, and 26 small ones. All of the islands are volcanic, and the park is so precious that it was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1991.

This park, which is a part of the Coral Triangle, is most famous for being home to the prehistoric-looking Komodo dragon, mainly in Komodo and Rinca. There are other reasons to visit the park. For example, you can relax on the pink beach of Padar.

Snorkelers can enjoy the rich underwater world, thanks to having 1000 species of tropical fish and 260 species of coral. You can snorkel alongside manta rays, ocean sunfish, whale sharks, and clown frogfish.

3. Bunaken National Marine Park

eDreams lists the Bunaken National Marine Park as one of the best snorkeling locations in the whole world, and we’ll tell you what makes it so impressive.

This park, which exists at the north of the Sulawesi tropical island and near the center of the Coral Triangle, was founded in 1991. It is one of the first marine parks in Indonesia and among the richest in biodiversity. 

The park covers a total surface area of 220084.408 acres. Water represents 97% of the park and includes 70 genera of corals and 2500 fish species. Also, the sea depth starts at 660 feet. So, rest assured that what you’ll see in this park will blow your scuba-diving mind.

4. Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida, which lies southeast of Indonesia’s biggest tourist attraction Bali, is a 50112.971-acre island that is more well-known for its vibrant beauty than its neighboring islands Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

The communities in Nusa Penida and neighboring islands have turned them into a bird sanctuary for endangered species such as the Bali starling, Java sparrow, and sulfur-crested cockatoo.

This island has a multitude of dive sites with breath-taking underwater diversity. However, the currents can be strong, so it’s not for amateur snorkelers.

For example, Crystal Bay, as the name suggests, is famous for its crystal clear water where you can snorkel, dive, or take pictures your social media friends would envy you for. You can have fun underwater with eels, ocean sunfish, and more.

Another cool snorkel spot in Nusa Penida is Toyapakeh that’s known for the abundance of corals and fish species. Finally, if you’re a big fan of manta rays, you can snorkel in Manta Bay.

Final Thoughts

The most famous locations that we recommend for the best Snorkeling in Indonesia are Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park, and Nusa Penida. Whether you love clear water, green hills, coral gardens, or rare fish, you’ll find it underwater in Indonesia.