Best Beach Snorkeling in Caribbean

One of the most popular activities in the Caribbean is snorkeling, and you can pretty much go snorkeling on any of its beaches, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. You want to pick those must-see snorkel spots with stunning beaches, warm crystal-clear water, exotic fish, and colorful reefs. 

Even more, you want easily accessible, rich, and even protected marine life. Well, we’ve done the work and created just the guide to the best beach snorkeling in Caribbean for you.

The 4 Top Destinations for the Best Beach Snorkeling in Caribbean

There are countless destinations to think of when we consider the best beach snorkeling in the Caribbean, but here are some off the top of our bucket list.

1. Antigua

Antigua has well over 360 beaches, our favorites for snorkeling being Bird Island and Cades Reef. It’s also highly recommended for beginners and kids because there’s almost no current at all.

It’s not hard to imagine why Antigua would be every snorkeler’s dream, with its soft white beaches, clear, calm, warm water, natural coral reefs, tropical fish in vibrant rainbow color, sea anemones, brain coral, elk, and overall dense marine life.

Besides, you get to explore the Wreck of the Andes, a sunken merchant ship from over a century ago, in this one mile of coral reef that comprises part of an underwater park just north of Dickenson Bay.

2. St. Lucia

Between Rodney Bay and Soufriere, you can check out the reef at Anse Cochon, and close by, in 60 feet of water, a freighter was intentionally sunk to be an artificial reef.

One of the most popular resorts in St. Lucia is Anse Chastanet, close to the Pitons, on the southern coast of the island. Simply, picture a 500 feet beach of dark silvery sand lined with palms and enveloped by steep hillsides.

What makes Anse Chastanet such a dream destination is that you can find coral reefs and fish very close to shore (about 5 to 20 feet deep). That includes octopuses, turtles, needlefish, and peacock flounders, and if you go deeper, puffers, moray eels, parrotfish, and seahorses too.

3. Grenadines

At the Grenadines, you’ll find such gorgeous white sand beaches that are almost empty, so it’ll be just you and the waves. Not to mention, there’s a reef that stretches over 1 mile along Canouan island whose water is abundant in incredible coral and colorful fish.

Other popular spots to hit are Palm Island, Petit St. Vincent, and Tobago Cays. The latter is known for its protected marine life, evident in the vast collection of fans, whips, nurse sharks, green turtles, eagle rays, and vibrant soft and hard corals. Even better, you only have to swim as deep as 5 to 12 feet to witness all the tropical fish.

4. U.S. Virgin Islands

All of the U.S. Virgin Islands’ beaches are great for snorkeling with 500 distinct fish species and barracuda. On St. Croix, Buck Island National Monument, a 19000 acre underwater, has an incredible underwater snorkel tail, gorgeous white sand beach, and reefs. Also, you can take a close look at grottoes and gorgonians, among other reef fish.

Moreover, St. Croix features vibrant reefs and anchors that date back to the 19th century. As for beginners, we’d recommend Trunk Bay Beach due to its marked underwater trail.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’re closer to finding the best beach snorkeling in Caribbean than you were previously. Antigua’s an ideal option for beginners with coral reefs, calm waters, and white sand, and you’ll greatly appreciate Bird Island and Cades Reef there, but we won’t keep you any longer, so off you go, and enjoy your snorkeling holiday!